Receiving Help

Who's Eligible

Oakland County Residents who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer or are currently going through breast cancer treatment.
Oakland County Residents who continue to deal with the physical, emotional or financial affects of a previous breast cancer diagnosed.
Oakland County families who
have recently lost an immediate family member (mother or wife / father or husband) to breast cancer.


How much help can I expect:   How do I get help:
Our goal is to help all qualifying applicants.
Due to the newness of our organization and a revenue stream that needs to further develop, the amount is determined by the number of applicants we have; the severity of the need; and the funds available at the time of the request.
  To be considered for support, applicants must provide a doctor's note (on the doctors' letter head) and fill out the pdf form at the bottom of this page. Requests should either be sent to the address below or scanned (with the doctor's note included) and sent to the below email address.


Ways A Mother's Wish can helpAMW support image:

- Providing families with financial help
- Providing meals or groceries
- Paying for or providing house cleaning and/or laundry service
Landscape and/or snow removal services
- Paying for or providing professional individual or family counseling services
- Offering comfort items for those dealing with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery
- Providing medical equipment
- Supporting the patient's self esteem by providing prosthetics, wigs, scarves, etc
- In terminal cases, addressing a mother's final wishes for her family


Send Requests via Postage to:

Click Here to Download

Download Printable Form

The Request Form

A Mother's Wish
P.O Box 173
Lake Orion, MI 48361





- Please ensure a doctor's note is attached (on the doctor's letter head).

- Please ensure to fill out the form completely so we can determine how best to help you.



A Mothers Wish